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How do I know which class is right for my child?

Our Front Desk Associates are here to assist you by answering any questions you have regarding class placement and registration.  When determining placement for your child, specific class level skills are considered and measured.  If the Front Desk Associate is unsure of class placement, a WOW aquatic educator will perform an in-water evaluation.  An evaluation is also recommended if your child has not participated in our program for three or more months.

Why is my child required to wear 2 re-usable pants/diapers if they are potty trained?

WOW’s policy is that all children under 4 years of age are required to wear 2 reusable swim diaper/pants.  Please understand that this is for the health & safety of all! Fecal accidents do lead to an interruption of classes.  Snug fitting, elasticized, reusable swim pants insure that accidents are contained. Reusable swim pants may be purchased at the front desk.

Why do you require goggles and bathing caps?

Bathing suits, goggles and caps are part of the Wings Over Water ‘uniform’ for swimmers of all ages.  Bathing caps are required for all individuals with hair below their ears.  We strongly recommend wearing a pair of well-fitting goggles.  For safety purposes, bathing caps and goggles are great tools in keeping hair and water out of the face and eyes.  For your convenience caps and goggles may be purchased at our WOW store.

Can various adults take turns being my child’s ‘Parent Partner’ for class?

Both you and your child will be learning new terminology and cuing as well as adjusting to new friends and swim class format each week. Comfort in the aquatic learning environment is important for you both. We recommend ‘parent partner’ consistency as much as possible.

What about “submerging / going under”?

Our goal is for your child to submerge slowly, gently and in moderation, thus safely.  Properly submerging is a crucial skill in developing a child who is comfortable in and around the water.  We request that you support your child and instructor during this aquatic development.  Beware of the subtle messages you send regarding anxiety. We respectfully request that you encourage your child to try to do his/her best.  Your teacher will acknowledge concerns your child may be having in a calm and loving manner.  Set the stage for success with communication, encouragement, and positive reinforcement.

What if I have a question for my child’s Aquatic Educator and she/he is not available at that time?

We encourage parents to communicate with their child’s Aquatic Educator with questions or concerns they have regarding their child’s progress. You may utilize a Parent Communication form to be found at the front desk or in the viewing room. Please include your message and contact information. Your child’s aquatic educator will respond as soon as possible.  E-mail Brewster or Fairfield.

How do I find out if my child’s classes are cancelled due to inclement weather or holidays?

Our members come from different areas and the weather varies. Please keep in mind that we can only decide to cancel classes based on the weather conditions in the WOW area.  Please call us for closings & cancellation information.  Also note that WOW does not follow the school calendar. WOW closes for certain holidays annually which are noted on session calendar information. Check your inbox for a WOW email and or text message.

Why does the pool have to shut down during thunder or lightning storms?

Upon seeing lightning or hearing thunder directly over our location, the health department requires us to remove all swimmers from the pool and deck to wait in the viewing room.  The rule then requires us to wait 30 minutes from the last thunder clap or flash of lightning before re-entering the water. Current from lightening can travel through metallic objects. The safety of all swimmers is paramount.

How do I know when my child is able to move up to the next level?

Before registration begins your child’s Aquatic Educator will be assessing your child’s progress based on critical aquatic skill criteria.  Class placement recommendations will be emailed to you.

When is my child going to “learn to swim using their arms”?

Wings Over Water incorporates the Swimplicity® methodology in our learn to swim curriculum.  Our primary goal is safety.  Students will first learn how to quiet their bodies through breathing and floating experiences.  Once a level of trust is attained a student will then be introduced to underwater experiences.  Over the water arm strokes are introduced when rhythmic breathing, balance and line are attained. “It is not important how fast or how far an individual can swim, but the duration an individual can stay in the water safely.”


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