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 Testimonials and Accreditations


"A BIG thank you to WOW and it's staff.  What an amazing and nurturing facility to have my small children learn how to swim.  From the minute you walk in you are greeted by a friendly staff member.  This put us at ease right away - we all felt very comfortable.  The atmosphere is very kid-friendly.  The school is extremely clean, from the viewing area to the locker rooms and then to the pool itself.

As to the instruction, my kids had several instructors at different levels and they were all great.  They approached the lessons like building a house, starting with the foundation.  Once it's set you can move on from there.  The instructors were very patient and never forced my kids to do anything, but rather encouraged them to try something new that perhaps they might have been scared of.

We had purchased goggles elsewhere, and unfortunately, is was a big mistake.  They constantly had to be adjusted and leaked, and took time away from the lesson.  Out instructor suggested we try a brand that was being sold in the front end of the school  We did, and it made a world of difference.  The goggles we purchased from WOW fit properly and did not leak and were easy to adjust.  Thank you, Ms. Sue for sizing my kids properly.

There is absolutely no doubt that WOW made a difference in my kids' lives by teaching them not only how to swim, but how to be safer around water. And, thank you too for my peace of mind!"   - Pete Girolamo

"How great is it that both of our children can swim - and were swimming before they were 3!  Wings Over Water not only taught our two kids how to swim, but the teachers taught them safety and confidence in the water.  Neither of us knew how much they had been learning until we saw them in the pool one summer with other kids - little ones around their ages: 3 to 6.  Our kids swam with confidence and with awareness of what they could and couldn't do.  We were absolutely amazed.  We both deeply understand how serious water safety - swimming competence - is, and we cannot express how grateful we are to Wings Over Water for teaching our children so much and so well."   -- Heather and Ralph Spafford

"Our son began his swim instruction at Wings Over Water at 6 months old and has continually been enrolled in the program.  He is now 8 and his swimming skills have advanced beyond our expectations.  He is now at an advanced level, but more importantly, he is quite confident and comfortable in all aspects of participating in the program, i.e. swimming under water and swimming in the deep end of the pool.  He has learned the importance of water safety and all the fundamentals of swimming.  The structure of the swim program at Wings Over Water allows each student to learn and advance at his/her own pace and ability.  All students are encouraged and praised for their abilities.  The program allows for personal success and personal best, while focusing on the goals and objectives of the program.

Limited class size allows the instructors to work with each student individually while in a group format.  In the eight years we have participated at Wings we have worked with many different instructors.  Each has brought their own special instructional techniques.  They have all been a huge support to our son and fostered a love of swimming.

Our daughter has recently been enrolled in the program.  It is encouraging to see how readily she has taken to the classes.  She is having the same positive, encouraging and exciting swim instruction as our son.

Both of our children look forward to their lessons.  Wings Over Water is an excellently designed swim program for any child.  It has met and exceeded all our expectations.  We look forward to continued participation and continued success in the program."  -- Meredith

"Our five year old son has been swimming consistently at Wings Over Water since he was 6 months old.  He has developed a love of water and a confidence level that could only come from proper instruction to the water.  He is learning the key fundamentals needed to swim properly as well as an understanding of water safety.  The instructors at Wings Over Water are knowledgeable, fun, kind, understanding, encouraging and extremely patient.  There was  a period of time when our son was hesitant and timid but the instructors were able to relate to him through his love of super heroes.  By allowing our son to pretend to be Batman or Spider-man in the water, he was able to push through this period, not give up and move forward.  Starting swimming lessons at Wings Over Water was one of the best decisions we made in our son's development.  I highly recommend their programs."  -- Joanne

"Hi Edie,  I just wanted to pass along to you how well my son, Zack, is doing in his swimming.  He is ten years old and has been swimming in your program since he was three years old.  He joined a great swim team and he has been making great strides with his strokes, and is very close to a JO qualifying time for breaststroke.  My five year old is currently enrolled in the Wings program and is looking forward to joining a swim team next year.  Just wanted to take a moment to say thanks for running a great program."  Best Regards, Brad Ginesin

"The instructors at WOW offer superior instruction, guidance and positive reinforcement.  They push the children to improve and gain confidence while teaching the excellent safety measures.  The teachers make class fun and we are so impressed with how they are attentive, happy and playful with our three children.  The classes are small and the teachers are GREAT, and the pool area and locker rooms are clean and spacious for families.  We highly recommend WOW and continue to see progress every time we come."  -- Paul and Jen

"Our daughter has taken swimming lessons at Wings Over Water since we moved to Westchester six months ago.  While she has been swimming for years, her rate of improvement has increased enormously.  The instructors at WOW are terrific, and we love the fact that the pool and surrounding area is warm and inviting.  We intend to continue lessons here indefinitely, and highly recommend the program to anyone wanting a safe, clean and helpful environment for learning to swim." -- Errol Antzis

"We enrolled our son in Wings Over Water because we wanted him to be confident and safe around water.  At the time, he was afraid of the water and did not even want to put his head into the water.  Now, after being instructed by such patient and extremely qualified instructors, he is a confident strong swimmer.  He enjoys swimming in backyard pools and the ocean and I do not worry obsessively about his safety.  He recently joined out town swim team and even likes competing at meets.  We couldn't be more proud of him and satisfied with the swim program at Wings Over Water.  Wings Over Water has truly made a difference in our son's life."  -- Jean & Jim DeBonis

"I used to call it the magic pool, when I started taking my first child to Wings Over Water... after swimming at a friend's house that summer, I realized she had developed a fear of the water.  We signed up for lessons again at Wings Over Water, and she was in the Gold Fish class with an amazing instructor (Nicole) who quickly, and in a fun way turned things around and helped develop a love of the water for Katie.  Katie progressed quickly through all levels at Wings Over Water, and has taken the Olympian Excel class multiple times.  Katie is now 13, and on a swim team that practices 7 days per week.  She competes in USA Swimming meets and has gone onto compete in Regionals.

My middle child has attended Wings Over Water practically since birth.  Gavin, 9, is now in Olympian with "Coach Dave" - who has to be one of the best instructors we have ever had.  His ability to teach and really coach his swimmers is second to none.  I highly recommend Dave for all levels of swim, as he can also be the silliest for the younger, more difficult student.  Gavin now knows all of his basic strokes - freestyle, butterfly, breaststroke and backstroke and is learning to fine tune his skills as well as incorporate competitive breathing.  While Gavin's interest is in other sports, such as football and baseball, we continue to bring him for lessons at Wings Over Water because we consider it to be an important life skill that everyone should learn.

My youngest is 4 and has been attending Wings Over Water less then a year.  She started out in Angel Fish, quickly progressing, Meryn is now swimming independently in Miss Sally's Dolphin class.  Sally is someone who has now taught all 3 of my children, and I would highly recommend her as well.

I really only have good things to say about my experience at Wings Over Water, from the welcoming staff to the clean locker rooms, I have always felt that we were in the right place.  I would recommend WOW to anyone considering swim lessons for their children or themselves... you will learn to swim and it's worth every penny!  I am so impressed with the fantastic team of instructors at Wings Over Water, and will be forever thankful."  -- Asheley

Staff Training

Wings Over Water’s Aquatic Educators and Support Staff represent one of the finest swim schools in the United States. With our exclusive Swimplicity® curriculum and the talents of our 20 plus staff the Wings Over Water experience is unique. We are EMTs, Special Educators, Musicians, Early Childhood Educators, Engineers, Sales and Marketing Professionals, and Personal Trainers who all share in a wealth of knowledge and experiences. We passionately embrace each day and each family and are thankful for the magical moments whether it is a swimmer's first time bubbles or the butterfly stroke.

When you are “under our wings” you will experience quiet energy, compassion and partner in our mission of keeping children and their families safe in and around water.

Our Aquatic Educators are highly trained and dedicated professionals that:

  • Have completed 40 hours of in-depth training in the Swimplicity® curriculum
  • Are certified in CPR and First Aid
  • Receive continual training by attending in-house Swimplicity® trainings that incorporates observation and in water applications.

Accreditations and Awards

2018 we are celebrating 25 years of being in business and serving our communities

1994- present Member of the United States Swim School Association 
Member of the Aquatic Baby Congress
17 Outstanding Teacher Awards from the United States Swim School Association
2002 Edie Flood (owner) was inducted into the USSSA Hall of Fame 
1993 Edie Flood was inducted into the New York Special Olympics Hall of Fame 

Received Best of Association Award from USSSA
Received Outstanding Facility Design from USSSA
Received the Skill Card Award from the USSSA


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